Promotional Videos

With our experience and knowledge of low energy and Passive House design and construction, Energyquarter boasts an extensive portfolio of high quality videos for businesses and organisations across the energy sector.

Key benefits of our service:

  • Quality audio visual productions
  • Flexible solutions customised to meet the specific needs of our clients
  • Exposure through the promotion of video material through our website and social media outlets

Client testimonial:

“Energyquarter have delivered a highly professional service to us in 2013, in the production of a number of ISOVER Product & Systems and Energy Efficiency Solutions videos. These have allowed us to target core audiences for the Isover and Saint-Gobain brands.”

– Valerie Dent, Marketing Manager
ISOVER Saint-Gobain


Examples from our video library:


G3Touch Insulation – Isover (Saint-Gobain)


Tradesperson Course – PHA


Demand Controlled Ventilation-Aereco


Home Heating Controls – Energy Centre


Solar Panel Installation – Energy Centre


External Insulation – Cosihomes