Insulation is one of the most solid investments a homeowner can make in terms of return on investment. In order of priority – attic insulation is very important and one of the easier methods of increasing energy efficiency (potential heat loss can be up to 25%). This can be followed by externally or internally insulating walls and increasing floor insulation.

While natural insulation may cost more, there are additional benefits in terms of ease of use, thermal performance in terms of offsetting over-heating in summer and effective insulation in winter, not to mention acoustic and environmental characteristics.

Choosing the correct insulation material, and having it installed correctly are very important. To find out more on making the right choices, please review our insulation articles below:


Part 1: “Making the right choice”       Part 2: “Top Tips for Insulating Roofs”


Part 3: “Insulating External Walls”                 External Insulation – Checklist & Sample Finishes


Thinking of externally insulating your property? Many people have lots of questions – what are the choices? What products can be used? How is it done?

Energyquarter visits a 1960’s semi detached house in North Dublin that is being externally insulated by Cosihomes. For a step by step overview of the process, this is a must see video…..